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Jojo dump by Moxximillion
Jojo dump
For the group :iconalmamonster:

I haven't submitted any art for this group yet. It's because I put them in sketch books and not actually onto my computer.


Here is a quick sketch dump of the little brat with her favourite toy in the world. His name is Mr. Jillybean and he was made for her by her sister. It would be best not to touch him. Jojo doesn't share well with others...
Lilycove High app - Rosa by Moxximillion
Lilycove High app - Rosa
My app for the group :iconlilycove-high:

Name: Rosa Hemlock
Age: 16
Birthday: May 14 
Year: 11
Trainer: No
Hometown: Floaroma Town
Pokémon: Bulbasaur
Move: Solar Beam


Rosa is a down to earth, mellow young woman – most of the time. She is slow to anger or annoy and just loves everyone. That doesn’t mean she can’t get mad. Push her enough and you will see the angry side of her that she doesn’t really like to show people. She is a bit of a dreamer and, if you get to know her well enough, you will find she can be a bit...quirky.


Rosa was born and raised on her family’s flower farm in Floaroma Town. Her family had owned the farm for several generations, taking great pride in the vibrate colours and strong aroma of their flowers. Living on the farm was great fun for Rosa, who found endless pleasure in tending the flowers and the honey making pokemon.  She also loved fishing by the lake at every available opportunity. She couldn’t think of a better afternoon than lazing by the lake, fishing pole in hand and her lil bug companions swarming around her.

Due to her love of her job she never questioned why the soil she touched was always warm or why she could read the emotions of her plants to find out just what they needed.

Her power was discovered by her family when she was 14 on a particularly sunny day. Her mother, a stoic and not easily surprised woman, had seen and odd shine on her daughter while she worked in the fields. Then ‘The Sneeze’ happened. Her parents had been more annoyed at the lost of half a field than the fact that their child had just destroyed it with an energy beam.

To help ensure that something like this didn’t happen again, her parents spent the next two years trying to find a place Rosa could learn to understand what had happened and control it. Rosa spent those years trying to grow back the crops she destroyed and becoming more determined to be a better gardener. 


    -      Fishing: Her one true passion in life. She will fish whenever she has the opportunity

    -      Gardening: She’s managed to make her family business into one of her favourite hobbies.

    -      Sewing: She loves making clothes for her pets as well as the local bug pokemon.

    -      Making friends with local bug pokemon

Clubs/Teams: N/A

Pokéballs:  Minnow the weedle. {Poison Sting|String shot|bug bite|electroweb}

(Hopes to earn the privilege of bringing her baby heracross, Poppy, along too.)

Fun Facts:

- Rosa also likes making dolls for/from her friends. If she gives you a doll it would be best not to ask what she made it from.

- Uses her solar beam ability to help with her gardening. She stores sunlight while outside in the fields and, instead of releasing it in one powerful beam, releases it slowly into the earth or onto her flowers.

- Rosa has a little sister that she adores. Lily is four years younger than her big sis. When Lily was a toddler Rosa would makes flowers grow in her hands to make her smile.

Jojo app by Moxximillion
Jojo app

My application for the group :iconalmamonster:


Name - Jojo.

Race – Lesser Boogie Monster: The scourge of closets and under beds. One of the more passive species of Boogie monster, preferring to invade homes for warm places to sleep, companionship or pranks, rather than an easy meal. The dander of these particular monsters is known to have hallucinogenic effects that cause bad dreams and night terrors.   

Position / Grade - Preschool.

House - Hades.

Personality – Jojo is, for lack of a better word, a brat. She is use to getting her way at all times and has quite a repertoire of reactions she can utilise if she doesn’t. Despite this she can be friendly and likes to meet new people. If asked she’d definitely agree to be your friend, as long as you promise to do everything she says. Like the rest of her species she has predisposition towards pranks and mischief. However, if left unchecked her harmless pranks and joking can turn vicious and cruel. Her self-absorption means that she is often unaware of how others feel and really needs a firm hand to tell her what’s acceptable and when she is going too far.

History – Jojo was born to in an abandoned warehouse where her boogie monster mother had taken up residence. Jojo doesn’t remember much of her mother or her time there because, like the rest of her species, Jojo left her as soon as she was old enough to walk and find food on her own.

She spent a few, hard weeks on the streets feeding on scraps and carrion before one night stumbling upon an open window. The window led to a spacious, comfortable bedroom and Jojo at once made herself at home under the bed. It turned out that the bed belonged to a sweet young girl named Mackenzie and Jojo’s curiosity got the better of her. Revealing herself, the girl was initially shocked but quickly made friends with the bunny-eared monster. Showing her off to her parents, Jojo was accepted into the family and given the name Joanna.

Jojo’s new ‘mama’ was a kind woman who spoiled both Jojo and Mackenzie. Due to this spoiling and her best friend’s accommodating nature, Jojo became a little too accustomed to having everything her own way. This is what led to her wanting to go to school. Almost every day Mackenzie would go to school and come home to tell Jojo about all the things she had done and all the friends she had played with. Jojo loved her friend and she loved spending her days with her mama but she wanted to meet new people and make new friends. After much pestering, pouting and wheedling Jojo’s mama finally gave up and said she could go to school too. After some research her mama came across Alma boarding school. Wanting nothing but the best for her little Jojo the woman sent in an application right away. 
Hopefully this school would be able to teach Jojo some manners as well as a decent education.

Additional Information 

    -      She’ll wear socks but she hates wearing shoes. She finds it hard to walk in them.

    -      Jojo’s top four limbs are arms and possess thumbs. Her bottom two limbs are legs. The second bottom two are technically legs but she can use them as arms though they are thumbless. All eight paws are sticky so she can crawl up walls and across ceilings.

    -      Likes to walk on two legs like her family does but will run and scuttle on all eight.

    -      Her dander can cause nightmares so it’s advisable to sleep with a facemask around her until you’ve built up a tolerance to the effects.

    -      Jojo can't swim. Her fur gets too heavy when it's wet and she hasn't learnt to co-ordinate all her limbs to keep her afloat against the drag. 

Hamha-Rescue: Gregory Measures Up by Moxximillion
Hamha-Rescue: Gregory Measures Up
The height meme for the group :iconhamha-rescue:

Gregory is on the small side of regular but is trying to cheat the system a little bit. Someone should tell him standing on tip toes and pointing your ears doesn't count.

Meme made by :iconspotty-bee:
Keep an eye out for my new up-coming group "Heaven in the clouds - an angel, demon, sailor senshi, space RP group"!


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I'm safe and warm inside my box

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