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Palette Swap by Moxximillion
Palette Swap
Just a quick thing of Lucky and Rosa with a swapped colour palette. 
Lucky knows what she looks like so she doesn't need you pointing it out thankyouverymuch.
Rosa also looks pretty adorable with Lucky's colours.
For :iconpkmnskies:

Sizes not to scale
Movie Night by Moxximillion
Movie Night
For the group :iconpkmnskies:


Rosa and Lucky decided to have a movie night like they use to at university. Unfortunately Rosa was the one who chose the movies. Someone get Lucky a crate of V because that dorky bulbasaur has three more of these lined up.

They are currently watching Creature from the Black Lagoon, just so you know :3
PKMNSkies NPC app: Lucky by Moxximillion
PKMNSkies NPC app: Lucky

My NPC for the group :iconpkmnskies:


 Lucky Striker

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Species: Meowth

Hometown: Nimbasa City

Birthdate: January 13

Nature: Rash

Personality: Lucky is the epitome of ‘punch first, think later’. She is rash and tends to let her emotions cloud her better judgement. However, at her core, Lucky is a very caring and loving pokemon. She doesn’t like seeing larger pokemon pick on smaller ones and will always make the effort to step in and led a hand. Lucky also loves smiling and people around her soon learn that her biggest grins can mean she is incredibly angry just as easily as meaning she is incredibly pleased. While she is very much aware of her size, she isn’t the type that would use it intentionally to get what she wants. She will, however, treat anyone and everyone to a free gun show at the slightest remark about her physique.


- Iron tail

- Night Slash

- Swagger

- Facade


Lucky grew up in the bustling city of Nimbasa with her mum, a Persian, and dad, a Nidoking. Her mother worked in the Musical Theater while her father coached a baseball team in the Big Stadium. Due to her mum’s busy schedule, her dad would often take her to work with him. Being the kid of the coach, Lucky was able to sit in on most of the games her dad’s team played and developed a healthy love of the game because of it.

As a child she had boundless energy which would result in her coming home covered in scrapes and bruises from fights or general trouble making. It was after she made an attempt to scale the outside of the Nimbasa Ferris wheel that her parents decided to let her start playing for a junior baseball team, hoping to direct her boundless energy and power towards something constructive.

The first thing she did when she began attending school was to sign up for every sporting team she could. Her size and competitive spirit meant that she excelled at sports in school and could always be seen with a gang of her teammates.

This carried over into her high-school and university life where her sporting prowess made her quite popular amongst her peers. It was at university that Lucky met a bulbasaur named Rosa. The two were completely opposite but hit it off immediately. The two were inseparable until Rosa decided to leave to return to her farm. Lucky was upset to have her friend leave but consoled herself that she would see her again once she graduated.

While she wasn’t the smartest amongst her friends she managed to graduate university with a halfway decent mark. Not wanting to return home and with student loans to pay off, Lucky was in a bit of a jam. That was when she received a letter from her old friend saying she had managed to get a small place in a backwater little town. Smelling an opportunity, Lucky immediately headed in the direction of the town to pay her friend a visit. 


While she was born as her mother's species, she grew up to inherit her father's massive physique. While this might have disheartened some, Lucky absolutely adores this part of herself.

- Don’t mention her body unless you want to be treated to the infamous “Lucky gun show”.

- Is currently freeloading at Rosa’s house. She turned up at Rosa’s house one day and just never left. She sleeps on Rosa’s incredibly comfy couch.

- She's a shameless flirt. Ladies in town beware!

- Tends to get more aggressive the more worried she is. Has been known to pick up and shake her friends when she thinks they’ve done something stupid.

- She often calls Rosa’s favourite shows and movie “dorky” but ends up getting (secretly) more into them than Rosa does. That Sailor Moon shirt was totally a stupid gift and not at all something she bought herself......

- Her secret wish is to be able to use the move “Pay Day”. She just wants free money. Is that too much to ask for?!


Face full of mud by Moxximillion
Face full of mud
For the group :iconpkmnskies:


Rosa was on her way to townhall to get her ID photo taken when she had a little accident. Despite what she thought her buddy managed to convince her that she should probably go home a change. Good opportunity for her to wear something new for once though.
PKMNSkies: Rosa by Moxximillion
PKMNSkies: Rosa
OMG! Like I wasn't going to bring Rosa back for this!! 
For the group :iconpkmnskies:


Name: Rosa Hemlock

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Species: Bulbasaur

Hometown: Floaroma Town

Birthdate: July 26

Nature: Relaxed


Rosa is a pretty chill bulbasaur. She loves making friends and is more than happy to go along with any crazy scheme they may be planning. She’s the type to think that people usually have good reasons for doing what they do and tries not to jump to conclusions. However she does know when enough is enough and won’t hesitate to let you know when you’ve gone too far. Luckily she is also quick to forgive if you say sorry and genuinely look like you mean it. 


:bulletorange: Leaf Storm
:bulletorange: Sunny Day
:bulletorange: Sweet Scent
:bulletorange: Solar Beam 


Rosa grew up on a flower farm just outside of Floaroma Town. While there she worked with her sister and the local bug pokemon to grow some of the most fragrant flowers in the region. Rosa had always found it easy to get along with others, be it with the local bug pokemon or with the visitors to the farm. It was because of this general love for everyone and everything that she considered everyone she met as a friend – even if it was purely one-sided. 
Though she enjoyed gardening, Rosa’s real passion lay in fishing. Her love of fishing led her to wander further and further away from home on a daily basis, due to her farm’s lack of fish inhabited waterways. Her indulgence in her fishing hobby meant that she was neglecting her work on the farm, much to the dismay of her sister and the disapproval of her parents. Though she loved her family and the farm, Rosa decided that she needed a change of scenery so that she could fish at her own leisure. Her parents did not take the news well, not wanting either of their children to move so far away from them. However, Rosa was determined and, after a few days of discussion, both of them agreed that Rosa was old enough to see more of the world on the conditions that she visit regularly and did not hesitate to come home if she got into trouble.

It was by coincidence that one day she got into a discussion with a visitor to the farm and heard of a small rundown town that was in need of residence. With no other plans, Rosa thought this was as good a sign as any and set off for the little town.


:bulletorange:  The only things Rosa really dislikes with a passion is winter (she can’t handle the cold) and chlorinated swimming pools (because chlorine is bad for pokemon that are part plant)

:bulletorange:  Rosa loves bug pokemon and because of this one or two can almost always been seen catching a ride somewhere on her body

:bulletorange:  Although she loves fishing, most of the time she throws her catch back and doesn’t really enjoy eating sea food

:bulletorange:  Has a special voice she uses to tell off her little sister and will use it on others if they provoke her enough. She’s heard her ‘stern’ voice is quite scary.

:bulletorange: She has a huge soft spot for old monster movies. She use to watch them with her family when she was a kid. The dumber, the better!

:bulletorange: Has a real... quirky side that shows itself from time to time.

:bulletorange: Shares a large garden with her neighbour and friend, Alice  ( )


Alice belongs to :iconelen93:

Keep an eye out for my new up-coming group "Heaven in the clouds - an angel, demon, sailor senshi, space RP group"!


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